Debt Consolidation: how does it work?

 The Debt Consolidation is certainly among the main opportunities available in the loan market. There are several companies that offer this type of product to its customers, including Cleopor, one of the largest financial companies to rely on. This is a very useful product for those in the situation of having to repay various loans received.

We discover all the characteristics of debt consolidation, with particular attention to the product offered by Cleopor. Let’s see how to request this type of financing and what are the requirements required by the bank to be able to have access to it. Finally, the methods of delivery and the interest rate applied, to find out if it is a product that is convenient or less according to our needs.

Consolidation of Payables with Cleopor: characteristics

Consolidation of Payables with Cleopor: characteristics

In a period of economic crisis like the one that Italy has been going through for too long, it often happens that it is in the condition of having to apply for a loan. This involves a not inconsiderable expense, which every month is going to undermine the budget at our disposal. However many times it is essential to resort to a loan to meet a necessary expense, for which we do not own the entire sum or we prefer to defer the payment in several installments.

When the required loans start to overlap, it can become a big problem to continue to meet the commitments made with the respective banks. For this reason, the so-called consolidation of debts is born, which financial companies like Cleopor grant to users. Thanks to this option, now offered by several financial companies, we have the possibility of uniting our debts into a single sum to be repaid. But why should I put the various debts together if at the end the total to be repaid is the same?

The first reason is of a practical nature. The loans for which I have to pay the repayment installments will each have a different monthly expiration date. In this way it is possible to forget to pay a certain installment, with all the consequences of the case. With the consolidation of Cleopor debts the date to be marked on the calendar every month will be unique, and this will greatly simplify things.

Another reason why it may be advantageous to choose this type of product with Cleopor comes from the fact that many times we have difficulty dealing with the monthly reimbursement expense. For this reason it will be very useful to increase the duration of the loan in order to lower the monthly payment that we will have to pay. Finally, as regards the interest rate, this in the case of debt consolidation can be particularly advantageous, so we will have a saving in the total expenditure of our financing.

How to apply for a Cleopor loan for debt consolidation

As we have said, one of the major banks to rely on for debt consolidation is definitely Cleopor. By visiting the financial website, we find all the information we need if we are looking for a loan of any kind. Among these, the product we want to analyze in this article is the one called ” Personal Loan Unica “.

The name in some way contains what was said previously on debt consolidation: thanks to it we can in fact enclose all the loans in a single monthly repayment installment. Another very important feature of this product is represented by the delivery times. It will be possible to access the financing we need very quickly, usually less than 24 hours. As for the maximum amount that we can apply with Unica, this is set at € 30,000, to be repaid with a fixed interest rate, which will depend on the duration of the desired loan.

Requesting a loan in Cleopor is very simple, and this is also true in the case of debt consolidation. To access it, you must be resident in Italy, aged between 18 and 70 years. Regarding the required economic requirements, we will have to demonstrate our income received through the presentation of the last paycheck for employees, the last pension from the pension for pensioners, and the last income tax return for self-employed workers. Through the bank’s website, it will be possible to schedule an appointment at the branch, to discuss our situation with a fully dedicated expert and make a request for funding.



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