Cash loan with adviser – loan with the lowest installment

If we do not know in which bank to submit a loan application, so as to obtain the lowest installment, we can use the free assistance of advisors who look for the cheapest loan for us.

As with all banks, choose a cash loan which will have the lowest installment? What if we were refused a loan amount due to low creditworthiness in the bank in which we applied for a loan? Certainly, we should not break down and it is worth checking the possibility of obtaining a loan from other banks, preferably at the same time.

Cash loan with an adviser

Cash loan with an adviser

The times when you had to run from one bank to another to check the loan installment or the possibility of obtaining a specific loan amount was gone forever. Now we can do it all at once and without taking a break from the desk of the computer we’re sitting at. Well, unless the headquarters with a laptop or tablet on the sofa … we can do it too!

In principle, to check the possibility of obtaining a loan remotely, you could fill out several loan applications at individual banks whose offers we are interested in. However, a better way in this situation will be to submit an application to a company that specializes in financial consulting and will find the best loan options for us. There are a lot of such companies and we do not have to be afraid of any additional costs because our costs are limited to what we agree with the bank, and financial advisors settle themselves with a specific bank when we decide on one of the offers. So in conclusion – using this option will not increase the cost of our loan.

A cash loan with an adviser will certainly be a great help for us and we will have the opportunity to get to know a few selected offers at the same time. Financial advisors have access to information from the majority of banks and financial institutions operating in Poland. So something that would take us a few good days, it will take a dozen or so minutes.

The first step is to submit a short application and then the financial advisor will contact us to determine the information about the loan we are looking for. Once we specify this information, we will receive by e-mail, or in some cases by phone, selected proposals for loans in individual banks along with information about the loan installment, the amount of commission and margin.