A Loan or a Loan Straight into our Bank Account

We have 2016 so getting a loan or even a bank loan straight to your account and without leaving your home should not cause us a big problem. Is it really so?

I remember very well the times at the beginning of the last 10th anniversary (ie around 2000-2001) in banks and other financial institutions, because often then I reached for loans and even for non-bank loans. The option of transferring a loan or a practical loan did not exist, and in order to get the cash you needed, you had to go to the bank a few times or if you did not have something to call Provident from the leaflet found on the power pole ?

Although leaflets, fences or even trees that encourage taking a loan, we can still meet (but rather with the logo of other companies), the rest of the stuff has changed, and that’s much. If we want to get a large loan (say up to PLN 10,000), there is a good chance that we will get it without leaving home and the necessary coins will go directly to our personal account. And this applies not only to non-banking companies but also to banks. In whom also we have a chance of getting a loan through the internet. About what I had the opportunity to write more widely in the pages of one of the articles published in BankerFour.

Situation # 1 – credit at the bank with transfer to the account

Situation # 1 - credit at the bank with transfer to the account

Here in a convenient situation are people who have employment, receive payment to a bank account and their bank provides online loans. In this situation, the loan application is best submitted in such a bank because we avoid the most formalities. We will not have to provide additional documents that confirm the income obtained. The bank has full access to our data in such a situation, so it can check our income and assess our creditworthiness.

However, if our bank does not provide loans over the internet or the loan installments proposed are too high, we still have to check other loan proposals. Banks granting loans under which the formalities are dealt with remotely and the transfer of cash takes place directly to the borrower’s personal account. Unfortunately, we will not find too much and one could count them on the finger of one hand as of today. 

What will we need if we decide to get a loan from one of the above banks? Certainly the data from the ID card, the moment of free time for submitting the application and of course an active bank account, will also be useful for the mobile phone. Depending on the bank in which we submit the application, you will need to make a verification transfer from your account and an electronic bank statement to which we receive a remuneration.

Situation # 2 – non-banking loan to a bank account

Situation # 2 - non-banking loan to a bank account

Here we have a much wider choice than in banks, and the waiting time for the necessary cash is much shorter and on average closes within 1 hour of submitting the application. Of course there is a minus, namely higher costs of loans compared to banking ones. But to tell the truth, they are neither much lower than it was a few years ago. I could even say even more that they are getting closer to the cost of cash loans. Here, a bit refers to the last Cryptobank proposal which at the moment is up to 5000 PLN is the cheapest on the market.

In the event that we decide on a non-banking option, it is worth choosing the most advantageous offer in which a loan to a bank account will be sent to us. The one that will have the lowest installment and allows us to choose any repayment period. In monthly published by me weekly rankings and rankings of non-bank loans you will find the most recommended proposals, if you have a problem with the choice on your own.

What will be needed to make the bank account loan reach relatively quickly? First of all, a personal account at the bank, to which we will receive the full amount of the loan, from which we will have to transfer the verification fee beforehand ( although it is possible to bypass this option about what I wrote in a separate article ). In addition, we must also have a mobile phone and no debts in the databases of debtors like KRD or Erif (and for some offers also a positive story in BIK).